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Contact Management Software: A Better Alternative
by Mark Morton

Contact management software is an important tool for sales and marketing professionals. Using tools like Outlook or Excel for this purpose is inadequate because these tools lack the sophistication to be a good contact management solution. They are great for email and number crunching, but not for proper contact management.

There are sophisticated desktop/server based contact management products like ACT! or Goldmine, but I think in today's connected, web-centric world these are dinosaurs that should be replaced with powerful web-based solutions.

Here's are the reasons I think an online contact management software solution is a far better alternative:

1) Centralized Data - I recall being a marketing VP at a company that used ACT! and required our remote sales reps to email synchronization packets (ugh!) so that the home office database was in synch with the remote users. Of course as soon as the packets were sent they were out-of-date and we had numerous synchronization technical problems. Working with an online contact management solution, these issues no longer exist!

2) Access Anywhere - everywhere you go know there are wireless hot spots and business professionals updating information. If you deploy online contact management software your employees can access data anywhere there is a web connection which means greater access to information and improved productivity.

3) No Software - when your contact management software is online and web-based like CRMTrak, you have no software installation and maintenance issues. In fact, your team can be up and running in minutes and always have the latest version of the software.

4) Web Friendly - the web is filled with great resources and is a central point of contact for customers to request information and learn about your company. When your contact management solution is web-based, it lends itself to seamless integration with your website and other online services.

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About the Author

Mark Morton is president of Morton Marketing Inc. a leading technology and marketing services firm.

Mark has held executive level marketing positions with IBM, General Motors, and other companies.

He has successfully implemented CRM systems and is a driving force behind the development of CRMTrak.

Mark can be reached at