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CRM Software Comparison Thoughts and Ideas
by Mark Morton

So you've decided you need a CRM application and you are now going through your comparison check list to make sure you select the right vendor for your situation. With a large number of potential solutions, I'm sure you are going to wonder how you might choose the right one.

Here are some of my thoughts as you review and compare CRM software:

1) Pricing - do you really need to pay a hundred dollars (or more) per month per user for CRM? We don't think so at CRMTrak. In fact we think there is a way to offer a valuable online CRM solution without asking customers to break their budget. However, we also aren't going to offer free CRM, which is something we have seen but cannot understand. How can you trust a CRM vendor that doesn't produce revenue to pay engineers and service personnel?

2) Data Import - One of the CRM comparison points I'd look at is data import. Yes, we all have tools to allow users to import their data on their own, but we find our customers often need (and want) our assistance, so in most cases we do it for them. If it's a major data migration we will tell them up front that a fee will apply and what that fee will be, but if it's a simple task we are going to do it for free as we want our users to work with their data right away.

3) Customizations - we find that many of our customers want a customized version of CRMTrak, and they want it quickly and efficiently. Most of them do not have IT staffs and just want a tool that will help them right now. One comparison point to consider is the willingness, timing and costs for the CRM vendor to customize their software for your specific needs.

4) Helpfulness - will your CRM vendor take the time to speak with you at length, setup a free online demo and make sure you have all your questions answered? If they won't do this before the sale, you can be sure they won't do it after.

5) Features - of course features are important . . . they are the tools in the toolbox. But the reality of CRM software is that all of the top vendors probably have more features than they (and you) need. Unless they are missing a major component like contact management, an exhaustive feature comparison is likely to provide diminishing returns.

6) Comprehension - have you taken advantage of a free trial or demo and actually used the software? Does it make sense to you? Is it what you expected? The evidence is clear . . . if you and your users like and understand the software, you will use it more and get greater benefit.

7) Accessibility - are you looking for online CRM or a desktop solution? Do you have remote users and want to be able to get your data anywhere? If everyone is in the office, a desktop solution might work, otherwise you'll want an online SaaS (software-as-a-service) CRM solution like CRMTrak.

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About the Author

Mark Morton is president of Morton Marketing Inc. a leading technology and marketing services firm.

Mark has held executive level marketing positions with IBM, General Motors, and other companies.

He has successfully implemented CRM systems and is a driving force behind the development of CRMTrak.

Mark can be reached at