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CRMTrak Releases Google Calendar Integration to
Enhance Productivity Options for Online CRM Users

CANTON, MICHIGAN - July 24, 2008 - CRMTrak, a fast growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Online CRM solution, today announced it has integrated Google Calendar into its solution through the Google Data API program. The new integration means CRMTrak users can seamlessly manage and synchronize their calendars between CRMTrak and Google Calendar and extend synchronization to Outlook with Google's Outlook Synch software.

CRMTrak is used by sales, marketing and services personnel to manage customer information including scheduled appointments. By integrating CRMTrak with Google Calendar, appointments and information can be accessed and updated between CRMTrak and Google Calendar. Users can access synchronized information on their mobile devices and install Google's Outlook Synch software to automatically have multi-way synchronization between CRMTrak, Google Calendar and Outlook.

"Our users want synchronized data across all of their productivity tools. Our integration with the Google Data APIs means we can extend CRMTrak information to the Google productivity tools. Our future plans include more Google Data integration as we continue to expand our product offerings," said Mark Morton, president of Morton Marketing Inc., the developer and solution provider of CRMTrak.

About CRMTrak
CRMTrak is a fast growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online CRM solution that is feature rich, yet affordable for small to-medium sized businesses. CRMTrak is a service of Morton Marketing Inc. of Canton, Michigan, a leading marketing and technology firm.

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